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All Therapies with Cathy
$80 per hour

Massage Therapy $80 per hour

Reflexology $70 per hour

Hot Stone - $90 hour
1 1/2 hour $110

Thai Yoga Massage
$80 hour
1 1/2 hour $100

All therapies require
24-hour notice for cancellations.

Contact us at
(508) 376-8508 or to make an appointment.















Healing Therapies to Change Your Life
The Yoga Studio offers the Franklin and Medfield region a variety of wellness therapies and healing arts to open up new energy channels, eliminate chronic body aches and alleviate stress. Cathy, Shannon and Mitzi have more than 15 years of experience in the healing arts and are ready to work with your team of medical professionals today.

Cathy, Shannon and Mitzi see clients by appointment. Contact them today by email at or by calling The Yoga Studio at (508) 376-8508.

Therapies with Cathy Mann

Private Yoga Therapy
Let Cathy blend together her unique knowledge as a yoga teacher, CranioSacral therapist and reiki master to heal your body, mind and spirit. In this therapy, you'll work through physical pains and emotional tensions while gaining the benefit of stretching and strengthening - all in one session. Cathy is skilled at working with a wide range of people, from senior citizens to runners seeking improved performance to those who want to improve their understanding of yoga postures.

Private Yoga Instruction
Great for the yoga beginner and those seeking to improve strength, flexibility and endurance to help concentration, overall health and athletic performance. From Boston Marathon runners to business executives, Cathy has helped a wide range of people realize their goals through her personalized instruction.

Positional Therapy
A gentle, effective therapy for the treatment of chronic muscular pain and for increasing range of motion, this treatment includes careful observation and evaluation of posture followed by placing the affected muscles in a position of alignment. Positional Release Therapy achieves its benefits by means of an automatic resetting of muscle spindles. Relief is immediate and long lasting.

CranioSacral Therapy
The lightest touch can offer deep healing. CranioSacral therapy (CST) is a light-touch therapy that focuses on the bones around the face and mouth – known as the cranium – down the spine to the tailbone. CST bolsters the body’s resistance to disease and is also effective for treating a wide range of ailments including migraines, chronic neck and back pain, PTSD and fatigue.

To learn more about CranioSacral therapy, click here for the Upledger Institute, where Cathy was trained.

Therapies with Shannon Lemire

Reflexology is a holistic treatment, centuries old. The reflexes on the feet are a mirror image of the body--organs, glands, bones. The right foot mirrors the right side of the body, the left foot mirrors the left side of the body. When there is an imbalance in the body, the reflex point on the foot will reveal a sensitivity when slight pressure is applied. Working through these sensitive areas unblocks energy paths, leaving you balanced throughout your whole body.

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy is proven to reduce blood pressure, anxiety, and depression. It also increases physical stamina, self-esteem, and healthy sleeping patterns. During this therapeutic massage session Shannon will release tight muscles, relax the body, and stimulate circulation. Massage with Shannon cultivates deep relaxation and brings the mind to a place of inner stillness, and connection to your intuitive wisdom.

Reiki Treatment
Reiki Treatment is an energetic, ancient and sacred healing art that enables a deeply meditative and healing experience for body, mind, and spirit. Reiki is received fully clothed through a series of gentle yet powerful hand placements. Tension, stress, and pain melt away under the warm and nurturing touch of the therapist. Chakras and major systems of the body are given concentrated life force energy, enhancing the body's inherent power to heal.

Stone Therapy Massage
Warm volcanic stones are massaged over the entire body to promote physical and spiritual balancing by using the energies of the therapeutic stones to relax the body at its deepest level. This ancient healing treatment moves energy to depleted areas, relieves sore muscles, and produces a soothing and meditative state of peace, calm, and balance. Stone Therapy is accompanied by massage therapy.

Thai Massage
Harmonize your body with this graceful, nurturing combo of bodywork and yoga stretching. Shannon will guide your body through a flowing sequence of yoga-based stretches, while applying rhythmic pressure along the energy pathways and points. Each session, done on a traditional floor mat, is designed to meet your individual needs and abilities. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. Benefits include muscle relaxation, improved circulation, pain relief due to: muscle tension, injuries, joint stiffness, mental stress relief and can help with high anxiety and mild depression.

Pregnancy Massage
Available at any stage of pregnancy, this full-body massage uses specific techniques for the mom-to-be. Safe and nurturing, it is designed to stimulate circulation, alleviate tired muscles, and reduce water retention. Let us care for you while you retreat into a wonderful passage designed with your unique life change in mind.